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Cut & Color

*Prices listed are starting amounts and may be subject to change depending on stylist and service.

Please call or send us a message for the most up-to-date price for your needs. 

Women's Cut                  $50

Men's Cut                       $35

T-Bar                              $75  

Full Foil                          $80 

Touch Up                       $51

Men's Color                   $26

HiLites                           $77

Few Foils                       $30

Styling & Treatment 

Blowdry (Short Hair)        $22

Blowdry (Long Hair)         $25

Olaplex 1                       $25

Olaplex 2                       $30

Conditioning Treatment     $21

Smoothing                       $250


Hair Removal

Eyebrows                       $12

Lip                                $10

Eyebrow & Lip Combo    $22

Chin                             $10

Gift certificates are available for all services.

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